How to get your private practice in the press & media with Newspage

How to get your private practice in the news and media

How to use Newspage & PR to grow a healthy private practice

A new PR platform that gives small businesses the chance to be featured in local, trade, national and international media – free of charge – has launched.

Started by PR agency Rhizome Media Group in April 2020, its initial goal was to help pandemic-hit small businesses get coverage in the media. But the service thrived, and now it’s here to stay – creating an opportunity for independent healthcare providers.

Dominic Hiatt, founder of Newspage, told Private Practice Surgery:

“With Newspage, we’re giving experts in any field the opportunity to show off their expertise in the mainstream media for free. Given the pandemic, there are clearly endless opportunities for GPs, consultants, surgeons and other healthcare experts to share their views in the local, trade, national and even international media.

“Appearing in the mainstream media, whether on TV, radio, in print or online, can be a great way to boost your professional profile or your practice’s brand. And even when the pandemic does come to an end, the expertise and insight of healthcare professionals will always be in demand. The best bit? No need to pay for a flash PR agency.”

What is Newspage, and how can it help me grow my private practice?

Newspage is a free PR platform which connects individuals, businesses and charities with the mainstream media. Consultant doctors and surgeons can create their own branded online media centre (called a Newspage) in just a few minutes, and then interact with the media in two core ways.

Firstly, when you add your news stories to your Newspage they’ll automatically appear on Newspage’s newsWire – a real-time feed of stories available to thousands of journalists who are looking for news to cover. The NewsStories tool will even help you structure your stories to be media-friendly, increasing the chance your news gets picked up.

Secondly, because your Newspage can be found through NewsSearch – the Newspage search engine used by journalists and bloggers worldwide to source stories and find new experts – you’ll be raising your profile as a “go to” person in your specialty.

And with the NewsAlerts service, you’ll be notified of relevant media opportunities such as requests for expert comment.

If you’re part of a group of consultants, you can add as many contactable ‘experts’ to your page as you wish. You can also create ‘tags’ for your areas of expertise and add any content that could be useful to the media.

How to set up a Newspage for your private practice

To sign up, enter your email and create a password. On the next page, add your practice name, phone number and website: 

Newspage sign up form | Private Practice Surgery

All but your password will be made public on your Newspage, so make sure you’re happy for them to be visible online. Bear in mind, though, that journalists often have incredibly tight deadlines. A speedy reply to their requests is usually how to ‘win’ the PR game, so make sure you’re easily contactable through the details you provide.

Next, add more detail to your profile by adding a logo, postal address and company or practice profile:

Newspage main profile | Private Practice Surgery

Then add a “company expert” – this is a personal profile for each specialist you’d want to put forward to the press:

Add an expert on Newspage | Private Practice Surgery

Now add searchable tags or keywords that describe your expertise. For example, I’ve added cardiology, atrial fibrillation and heart disease, as a consultant cardiologist might:

Add your expertise to Newspage | Private Practice Surgery

If you’ve been in the press before, you can add links to the articles in the ‘Add media coverage’ section.

Finally, in the NewsStories section, a 5-step guide will take you through the process of writing a media release, starting with creating your headline:

Add your news stories to Newspage | Private Practice Surgery

To see an example of a Newspage, you can view ours at

Dip your toes into the PR water

At this stage, it’s perhaps worth stating that we have no affiliation with Newspage or Rhizome Media. It’s a relatively new service that we think has great potential, so we wanted to share it with our audience of consultant doctors and surgeons with a private practice.

We’re at the early stages of trying it out ourselves. As with many of these things, it’s often the early adopters that enjoy the biggest returns if the platform takes off – so we’re keeping a close eye on how things develop.

PR services that offer press release distribution and a flow of journalists looking for comments would normally come at quite a price through an agency. But as there’s no charge to create a Newspage, the service could be a great risk-free way to try PR as a way to grow your private practice. There’s not a lot to lose, other than some of your time.

As a final note, Dominic Hiatt, founder of Newspage, told us that premium services are being launched later this month, so we’ll report back on those in due course.

Get your Newspage here:

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