MPAF: Medical Practitioners Assurance Framework

Introduction to the MPAF | Private Practice Surgery

By Chris Rogers

Healthcare marketer with over 14 years experience, and co-founder of the Private Practice Surgery.

February 2021

Introduction to the MPAF

I’m delighted to bring you Fiona Booth and Desné Marston (from Healthcode) to tell us about the Medical Practitioners Assurance Framework (MPAF).

These regulations have been developed to help improve clinical governance for medical practitioners across the independent sector. It’s clear, then, that it’s an incredibly important piece of work that will impact your private practice.

Healthcode also provides the Private Practice Register (the PPR). In the second half of the presentation, they show how they’re developing it to help private hospitals, clinics and clinicians more easily meet these new regulations.

Here are Fiona and Desné to tell you all about it…

Links and resources mentioned in the video

Medical Practitioners Assurance Framework [PDF, via Healthcode]:

The PPR Data Standards:

Healthcode on social media



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Fiona Booth:

Desné Marston:

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