My setup

Here are some of the tools I use at Private Practice Surgery. I only list those that I actually use and genuinely like. That’s not to say that any alternatives are worse (or better!) – I’m just talking about what I know.

I use a Windows laptop and an Android phone.


I use video for the majority of member-only content in Private Practice Surgery, and in some of my social media content, too. Here’s the hardware and software I use to create it…


Logitech StreamCam

Logitech StreamCam

A great webcam for simple face-to-camera video and it’s capable of live-streaming, too. I’d like a more substantial camera eventually, but this is more than sufficient for great quality video. Easy to set up and use. Connects via USB-C.

Yeti X

Blue Yeti X microphone

In my opinion, great audio is more important than video quality. This microphone from Blue is fantastic, as are the cheaper alternatives in their range. Easy to set up and use, and connects by USB.


Autocue / Teleprompter

This autocue helps when I’m doing longer form face-to-camera videos. It uses a mobile phone (with a teleprompter app) to give me the script or prompts. It has standard camera-size fixings and comes with a remote control (which isn’t great, but does the job).



This is a fantastic piece of kit. It’s well made, with an adjustable height of up to 6 feet tall, and includes camera adapters and spirit level. Great value for the price.

Ring light

Ring light

Natural light is always best – but if you can’t get it, this is a good alternative. It has three modes and is dimmable. Plenty of alternatives on the market, but this is a decent option.


Nano Teleprompter app

Nano teleprompter - autocue app

This app is simple to use. Just write or paste your script or key points into the editor, and choose to play it over your camera app. Or mirror it to use with a teleprompter/autocue, like the one above. 

Camtasia video editing

Camtasia - video editing

Record from your webcam, microphone and your screen as individual tracks. Has great editing, effects and animations to make professional-looking video.

Logitech Capture

Logitech Capture - video recording

The software that comes with the Logitech StreamCam (above). Allows you greater control over what you’re recording, including automatic tracking to keep you centered in the shot.


Audacity - sound editing

Camtasia sound editing has its limits, so if I need further help to remove background noise, for example, Audacity is my go-to.

Rev logo

Rev - video captions

Fast, accurate subtitles for video. Upload your video and get back the captions as an SRT text file that you can then add to your video.

Vimeo logo

Vimeo - video hosting

Has much better privacy controls than YouTube which makes it ideal for me. I’d stick with YouTube for content marketing though. 

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